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Seychelles Chamber Of Commerce & Industry


The Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industry was privileged to be part of the Presidential Delegation accompanying President Danny Faure on his State Visit to India from 24 to 26 June 2018.

During the visit, the Chairman of the SCCI, Mr Oliver Bastienne, met and had discussions with various organisations and key individuals covering some of the following key components:-

In his speech at the Business Session, Mr Bastienne thanked the people of India for their hospitality, as well as the organisers of the visit and all stakeholders involved. He talked about the importance of working together to remove trade and investment barriers between the two nations, the start of which was through the signing of a memorandum of understanding between FICCI and SCCI. He expressed his confidence that we can and will forge new economic partnerships and infuse a relationship between Seychelles and India that can only be defined as a future success.

"Trade between India and Seychelles from the Chamber's perspective is still heavily untapped. I make a plea to both Indian and Seychellois enterprises to make this State Visit as a catalyst for a renewed economic partnership. A partnership that is based on trust, fairness and growth", said Mr Bastienne.

He called for increased commerce between Seychelles and India which can only be a win-win proposition for both nations.


Oliver Bastienne
Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industry